Your Journey Begins with Stars

Based in the seaside town of Hastings and St Leonards, Stars Football Academy boasts gorgeous seaside views while being able to enjoy a game on the pitch.

Welcome to Stars Football, an academy designed to provide high-quality football training and guidance to parents and players.
Our courses range from full-time education which includes 6th Form, Foundations, IELTS, GCSEs and many more courses at a professional soccer school to one-week taster visits and football training camps.

Stars is an international organisation with students from many continents. Students benefit from the multicultural mix and dynamism by being exposed to people from cultures and backgrounds other than their own.

We have experience assisting boys transitioning into UK football and a structured education programme, as well as assisting them in developing and recognising their football level and discovering their potential. We have developed boys in recent years who are now playing their trade as fully fledged professional footballers after having football trials at some of the biggest clubs in the world.

Gothic House at the College of the Holy Child home of Stars Football https://starsfootball.co.uk/2018/03/10/where-is-stars-football-based/

Discover Unlimited Beauty

Stars is based in St Leonards in East Sussex. Surrounded by the beautiful seaside scenery and green pitches, you’re able to meet different people, experience different cultures, traditions and landscapes within our family. Choose your next destination with us, we will take care of the rest.

We support and manage these boys, whether they are in boarding schools or one of our own programmes, guiding them to the point of taking the next step in their lives. Of course, we also run holiday football training camps and short-term programmes for people who want to come to the UK and improve their skills. We can accommodate groups or individuals; please contact us at info@starsfootball.co.uk for more information.

Simon Wentworth
T ~ +44 7398 212 297
W ~ +44 7903 032 534

Our ethos is to provide a platform for success and the tools for the player to express his talent and develop as a player while maintaining a strong educational perspective and pathway. This results in young men who are either ready for professional football or ready for university and a life outside of football.