Football Camps that balance recreation and high quality training

Our football camps are designed carefully to create an environment where the boys can train and focus on their football development and also let off steam in their free time. This October we held a football camp based at our 60 room ensuite facility in Hastings, East Sussex. An hour and a half south of London on the safe and secure East Sussex English coast we benefit from being close to lots of amenities whilst also having beaches, cities and Premier League football clubs on our doorstep.

It is difficult to explain how blessed we feel to be living in this region and the boys really got a taste of what is on offer here from their time with us. This year we held an 8 day training camp that included training sessions at Maidstone United our professional club partner with full ‘access all areas’ behind the scenes privileges. In spite of all the activities the boys undertook in their busy week when asked what the best bit was they unanimously shouted: ‘the football’.

These boys are not football camp novices either and hold strong opinions on what constitutes ‘good training’ – we were so proud to hear that they thought we were great at our core business: football training. I am assured they loved the other activities but these boys were here for one thing only and that was to further their careers and experiences around football.

We believe in the confidence through experience method of growth and by training on a full-time professional pitch in a 4,000 capacity stadium where they later watched the first team play on we know they related to the feel of the pitch, the challenges of playing on 4g and the feeling of looking up at the stands around the pitch.

By spending two hours touring Brighton FC asking questions about the life of a professional footballer and sitting in a Premier League changing room (many for the first time – yes not you Sami!) helps normalise the professional lifestyle in their minds and breaks down some of the barriers to entry to the professional footballers life.

Working with a UEFA PRO coach for the week who has been there, seen it and done it at the highest level and can answer any questions and direct their development with direct player references and anecdotes means they will not be phased in similar situations in the future.

We loved having them to stay and look forward to them coming again.

Published by Simon Wentworth

Director of Stars Football

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