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Personalised Education to meet your plans and needs.

Under the umbrella of our Education arm Wentworth International College we offer more than just a Sports Btec.


Personalised study plans are put in place for students to ensure they capitalise on their potential and maximise their ‘back up plan’.

We plan two pathways for every individual: football and Education. It is imperative that each person reaches their academic potential because Football is a competitive business and there are no certainties in competitive sport.

Therefore we tailor a specific plan for each person and blend IELTS, A Levels, Sport BTEC, GCSE’s as needed.

Of course Football is the anchor and acclimatisation is the key. We strive to find a Football and Education level for all our boys as they go through their journey with us. We want to help realise their dreams but also ensure if that doesn’t work out that we can help them reach their potential in other areas.

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