We are so proud to have Daryl Willard as our Director of Football. He is a UEFA PRO qualified coach with Premier League experience as a youth coach at both Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea. He has International experience as the  Sporting Director of Azerbaijan and is a thoroughly decent person.

He is honest and realistic about players and their potential and has a wealth of real life experience in professional football.

As part of his UEFA PRO licence he has to attend various refresher courses from time to time in areas such as safeguarding, coaching technique etc. Just recently he took a group of young boys as part of his latest evaluation and assessment at Crystal Palace. Of course he passed this session with flying colours!

Daryl said, ‘I look forward to these sessions with the FA as it is great to encounter new coaching scenarios. I am always immersing myself in the melting pot of the latest coaching technique from across the world. These FA days provide great opportunities to work with new faces in the players and coaches and to encounter new environments. My belief is that a coach never stops growing and can always develop and refine their technique and as such I am always looking at and talking football to continue my personal professional development.’

As parents you know that we have a great modern thinking coach who is progressive and of course regularly independently assessed for quality so you can rest assured your children are receiving the absolute best football training at Stars Football.


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