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Half Term Bookings Now Open

After the massive success of our October Half Term program we are pleased to announce bookings are now open for our Easter Half Term training week. Running from Saturday 10th to Sunday 18th February 2018 inclusive at our facility in Hastings (just an hour and a half south of London).

Half Term October 2017 Review

We already have boys with advance bookings and would love to see more of you join us for our first class training and recreation program. The holiday week offers a balanced schedule with training and relaxation paramount to help the boys reset and get ready for the second half of the Easter term! For those that need we will provide supervised study sessions as required too.


The boys will have an opportunity to train with Daryl Willard our hugely experienced UEFA PRO Director of Football for the week, visit a Premier League Club, watch both a League and a non league game live.  We understand the need for the boys to let off steam too and have a real break from the day to day of school life. With our program they will also go bowling, go to the movies, take a day trip to Brighton including visiting the pier and Churchill Square for shopping and a restaurant night out on the final night with an additional activity depending on the boys votes during the week – last time we went trampolining.

They’ll also take part in classroom tactics sessions with Daryl to discuss, analyse and understand the games they have watched during the week. Last time they had to envisage being the Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp at half time of their Premier League game when they were 2-0 down to Tottenham. I hope they are all ready to get into the mind of the Arsenal manager and think like Wenger this time when Arsenal are 2 down!

In all seriousness these sessions are invaluable to help the boys think more about football as a whole game and not an individual pursuit. Daryl is excellent at explaining and teaching modern game thinking and management techniques which the boys then can apply to their own game to improve their awareness and develop the mental side of their match play. The modern footballer needs to use his brain as much as his feet or his head.

Stars Football Half Term Program February 2018

10th to 18th February Half Term Program 201


With Daryl and Simon leading the program, first class pastoral care, 24 hour waking staff, modern facilities and up to date safeguarding procedures the boys have a quality week ahead of them with home cooked food, supervised free time, en suite twin rooms and a full schedule to keep them busy.

We will also have the Playstation 4 fired up for the ‘FIFA Holiday Championships’ which I am sure Laurence will dominate yet again – can anyone challenge? Maybe we will buy a trophy this time too…

Please email or to confirm your place or for more information.



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