Stars Football Annual 2019 Front Cover -
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Stars Football Annual 2019 Published

We are pleased to announce the launch of The Stars Football Annual 2019 with lots of detail about our program and campus.

A few highlights:

  • Jobs in Football with a humorous look at a day in the life of a professional soccer player
  • Acclimatisation and the importance to International Players
  • Education offering at Stars Football
  • Home Sweet Home, just an hour and a half from London take a closer look at where we are and what the students should expect from their cultural experiences
  • Competitions
  • Half Terms
  • Our packages
  • Pathways

and plenty more…

Take a look Stars Football Academy Annual 2019.compressed for PDF version or take a look at our flip emagazine here.

We are still accepting interest for September 2018 please drop us a line if you or any of your students are interested.

Stars Football – Live like a pro!

Play – Perform – Succeed

Cover Page 2019


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