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Pre Season Training

Hello everybody! Welcome to Stars Football and a brief update from our pre-season training camp. The sun most definitely is NOT shining this month of August here in Hastings after we were thoroughly spoilt with 30 degree temperatures in July, but everyday the players certainly are in training.


Good recruitment and planning from Daryl and Macca have seen a balanced group of players with a mixture of short term program boys and many of our longer term College students training to gain the competitive edge for the season ahead. Specialist position and tactical training combined with the pre season physical load means our boys will be ready for the hurly burly of an English autumn soccer program.

At Stars Football we all know the quality of the work our UEFA PRO coach Daryl Willard and Alex McCarthy (Macca) do day to day combined with our excellent pastoral team headed by James – but it is great to hear direct feedback from parents during this first week of camp. An excerpt from an email we received yesterday gives you an idea of the sentiment around the camp:


We have built a team that complements each other to produce a calm environment that is conducive for boys to develop their football skills and study hard to obtain a place at university with full support.

We have already started recruiting students and players for September 2019 and we are happy to consider boys for our September 3rd 2018 sixth form program still too.

if you are interested in joining us this year or next for a short or long term program then email Simon on info@starsfootball.co.uk for more information.

Take a look at our brochure here:

Stars Football Academy Annual 2019



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