About Us

It’s hard sometimes to know where to start. We are located in such a beautiful part of the country in the South East of the UK, in the ancient town of Hastings which dates back to before William the Conqueror sailed across the channel for a look at the little island to the North! Our base is a 60 room ensuite building set in the famous Warrior Square where old Queen Vic looks out across her (former) empire.

The boys have access to the beach, the woods, fields and countryside. Fresh air and all in a beautiful Victorian building oozing with character. Yet central London is only an hour and a half away by train and Brighton is a short forty minute hop along the coast when shopping and big city entertainment is the order of the day.

We prioritise the well being and development of all the people that visit us for short or long term courses and take pride in our excellent feedback from students and parents.

The team is an important part of why we are successful so there is a little info below:

the team

Simon Wentworth:

Simon is a registered Intermediary with the English FA (football agent in old money) and Director of the Stars Football program. His experience is centred within the commerical world with the most recent years having seen him diversify into the international education market. He worked at a British Boarding school as Admissions Director and has extensive knowledge of the international education and immigration marketplace. Simon is a father with his eldest children being 19 and his youngest a baby. Having lived through the challenges of UK education and worked in football placement he is ideally positioned to advise and guide families.

Daryl Willard:

Daryl has so much experience it is hard to know where to start…

1. Former Tottenham Youth Coach
2. Former Chelsea Youth Coach
3. Former Assist. coach to Tony Adams
4. International Sporting Director
5. Assistant Club Mananger
6. Academy Manager

If you know him then you will be aware of his easy nature and professionalism. He talks sense and is honest with both the boys and families expectations. He works hard with the group and individuals and has a superb reputation in the wider professional game. Contacts galore and a father of 1 too!

Sarpong Boateng:

Sarpong is a relatively new addition to the team but has proven himself to be an excellent member of the pastoral group. He always takes the time to listen to the boys and monitors their well being and emotional health and has weekly one to ones to ensure they are thriving and to troubleshoot any problems.. He enjoys being in and around football and working with the boys to help them develop their wider life skills. He also gets involved in all of the outings and away day matches and training. Sarpong is the father of a 4 year old boy.

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